Using Tisane with the Command Line

With this workflow, you

  1. Write your study design specification in the Tisane DSL in any IDE or plain old text editor of your choice. The last line in the file should be the call to tisane.infer_statistical_model_from_design
  2. Run the python file from the command line. This should look like python3 <my-tisane-design-file>.py or poetry run python3 <my-tisane-design-file>.py. This will open up the Tisane GUI.
  3. After generating code in the Tisane GUI, you will get the path to the output model. You can copy it, and then go back to the command line and run python3 <copied-path-goes-here> or poetry run python3 <copied-path-goes-here>

A pop-up after generating the code in the Tisane GUI, which gives a copy-able path to the output model script

This way, you get to use whatever IDE you like to write the specification using the Tisane DSL.